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In this article, I have explained to you, how to use the IFNA Excel Function in Excel with other Excel Formulas and Functions Like IFNA with VLOOKUP and IFNA with HLOOKUP. So let’s start.

IFNA Excel Function

The IFNA Excel Function can be used with other Excel functions. where other functions or formulas of Excel can not find any value as a result then It shows the already given sentence (i.e. Not found) instead of an error of #NA.

It works like the IFERROR Excel function but it works only with the error of #N/A and ignores all other logical and human errors. So in the case where you only want to replace an #N/A error with specific text then you can use the IFNA Excel function.

We can use this function where we already know that the function/formula will generate an error of #N/A in some cases. Suppose, if you want to show some content from another workbook to your current workbook with the help of the VLOOKUP formula of Excel then there may be something that is not available in the previous workbook, So VLOOKUP will show an error of #N/A, which makes your workbook look ugly. So with the help of the IFNA formula of Excel, you can replace the error word(i.e. #N/A) with the words you want(i.e. Not Found).

IFNA is the narrow version of the IFERROR formula. It is just a specific function that works with only a single error i.e. #N/A. We can use both formulas in place of each other.

The feature of the “IFNA” function

  • IFNA will find results until it gets an error.
  • With the help of the IFNA Function, we can make our project neat and clear by replacing errors with predefined text or Blank Cells.
  • It will remove/Replace the Excel error of #N/A.
  • It can be used with all other functions of Excel which can generate an error of #N/A.

Explanation of IFNA Excel Function

Now, We will explain the Arguments of the Function.

=IFNA(value, value_if_error)

value:- Select the value on which you want to apply the error rule. You can select the cell or write the already applied formula here.

value_if_error: – You have to write the value that you want to show if there is an error in the applied function. it may be Not found, New, no, 1,0, blank, etc. whatever you want to show.

The following errors are evaluated by this formula:

Example of Explanation of IFNA Excel Function: – 

In the following table, we want to retrieve the result of the GST Numbers without an error of the #N/A message. The table of date-wise sales is given in the workbook. 



We will Apply the IFNA function and get the desired result. This is shown in the following steps: –

Step No. 1

We will Copy the Vlookup formula from cell F4 and paste it into the H17. Then clear all cells containing Vlookup.

Explanation of IFNA Function in Excel - 2-min
Explanation of IFNA Function in Excel – 2-min

Step No. 2

We will write the “=IFNA( ” in the column of the result

Explanation of IFNA Function in Excel - 3-min
Explanation of IFNA Function in Excel – 3-min

Step No. 3:

Now select the value(function) from which you want to check the errors. Like I have already applied the formula of VLOOKUP in column E and pasted it in the value part of the IFNA Function.

Explanation of IFNA Function in Excel - 4-min
Explanation of IFNA Function in Excel – 4-min

you can also write the new formula or any calculation formula that you are using while calculating something.

Step No. 4

Now please select the value_if_error that will be shown when there is an error in the selected function.

I have just written “New Customer”. You can write any message here but remember one thing if you want to use text then use it within inverted commas like “your text” or if you want to show a Number then you can write it without inverted commas.

Explanation of IFNA Function in Excel - 5-min
Explanation of IFNA Function in Excel – 5-min

Step No. 5

Now, Clear cell H17 because don’t need it anymore.

Explanation of IFNA Function in Excel - 6-min
Explanation of IFNA Function in Excel – 6-min

Step No. 6

Now, copy the newly created formula from cell G4 and paste it into the remaining cell to check out the error from the all given data.

Explanation of IFNA Function in Excel - 7-min
Explanation of IFNA Function in Excel – 7-min

Now we got our result as desired.

Download the Practice workbook of IFNA Function

Please Download Practice workbooks from the below links to know how much you have understood the IFNA Function in Excel: 

Practice IFNA Function online:


This is all about the IFNA function in Excel.

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