Saving Tracker Template 1.0 in Excel - Lifetime Free

Saving Tracker Template will help you to get to know about the actual saving you have made for the month and year. You can use this dynamic workbook/Template for your personal use as well as for your business. So you can control your Saving.

Saving Tracker Template in Excel

In the Saving Tracker Template, you can record your Your’s monthly income and daily expenses transactions to track your saving. Then you will get to know about the actual saving you have made for the month and year. You can use it to record your personal transactions mainly for personal use, but you can also use it for your business. Its main objective is to record your saving and how you can control your expenses by tracking them with the predefined budget for them. It has a fixed percentage base to calculate the amount of saving and expenditure. 

Feature of Saving Tracker Template

1 Life-Time Free Excess of 1.0 version
2 Dynamic Excel Workbook
3 Calculate the amount of Saving you should have to make within the Month with the fixed Percentage 
4 You can choose your own distribution of income among three types of the major group 
5 You will know the difference of amount which short or excess in the total saving of the month automatically 
6 Included Three sources of spending your earing: 1. Saving 2.Necessity and 3. Entertainment
7 Month wise Data recording 
8 Colorful format on all worksheet
9 Colorful Dashboard will help you to jump to your recording month sheet
10 Month wise separate worksheet 
11 The total combination of 16 worksheets
12 Year Report In the separate worksheet
13 You can choose the Expenditure Group account from the drop-down menu not need to write again and again. 
14 Automatic Expense wise amount pasted in the related Expenses account
15 The total of expenses are shown above on all transactions
16 Unlimited transactions can be recorded. 
17 You can record transactions up the limit of the excel i.e. 1048576 
18 Just copy the last row with the format and then paste it to increase the number of rows

Download the Saving Tracker Template

Download – Saving Tracker Template 1.0 – Free Dynamic Excel workbook

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