GST Quotation Format 1.0 – Free Dynamic Excel sheet

GST Quotation Format – Free Dynamic Excel sheet
GST Quotation Format – Free Dynamic Excel sheet

After GST invoice format there are so many requests received to create a GST Quotation Format in Excel free download. So now I am providing it. Please check it and if you Like my efforts please like this article. Don’t forget to comment thanks. 

GST Quotation Format

As per the new taxation system in India, Every registered dealer under GST has to make the invoice in the new format (GST Invoice Format)as guided by Central Govt. or GST Act 2017. If the businessman wants to provide the price to the other business to get an order from them. This price list is known as a quotation. So we are providing you with the GST Quotation Format which will help you to generate automatic quotations. It is a very simple quotation format that will ease your daily work.

Feature of Offline GST Quotation Format: 

1Life-Time Free Excess of 1.0 version
2Auto-generate and save Quotations in just one click 
3Auto-generated new Quotation No. 
4Auto Date Change to Current day Date
5Auto Detect type of Sale (Interstate or Intrastate) and charge correct Type of GST i.e. IGST or CGST/SGST
6Auto-detect Rate of GST from the stock list. 
7Maintained the list of stock. So, you don’t need to add stock items again and again while generating Quotation 
8Maintained the list of Customers. Select from the list and generate an invoice 
9Upload Your Logo 
10Add different shipping address 
11Save of Quotation as a PDF in the folder
12Auto Round off the total amount 
13Show all amounts in rupee and paise with one click 
14Show all amounts only in rupee with one click 
15Auto-generated total Quotation amount in words 
16Add up to 10 Terms and conditions 
17You can add your bank details 
18Colorful format 
19You can generate Quotation for up to 25 items
20GST amount is shown Item wise with the rate of percentage 
21You can be allowed Trade discount to you Customers charge in simple percentage and the amount will auto calculate
22You can add Contact person Details i.e Name, Email, and Mobile No. in the customer list database 
23You can add an amount of freight paid 

How to operate Offline GST Quotation Format?

1. Download and Extract Quotation format in Excel | Download

First, you have to download it from the link below and Extract it with the help of WinRAR (Click Here to Download) software then you get a folder: –

Download GST Offline Invoice Creator 2.0 by

GST Invoice Format

GST Invoice Format - 2


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