GST Invoice Format 3.0 - Free Dynamic Excel sheet

Nowadays, In India, The seller must have to register under the GST act, who has a turnover above Rs 40 lakh within the financial year. So every seller needs a GST invoice format. We have provided solutions for all sellers all over India. It is a dynamic GST invoice format in excel.

GST Invoice Format in Excel

As per the new taxation system in India, Every registered dealer under GST has to make the invoice in the new format (GST Invoice Format)as per guided by Central Govt. or GST Act 2017. GST Invoice Format is a very crucial document in the GST Act, 2017 we have made software for you to provide help to you to generate GST Invoice.

Check Requirement of GST Invoice Format please Click Here

1. Feature of GST Offline Invoice Creator: 

1 Life-Time Free Excess of 3.0 version
2 Auto-generated and save the invoice in just one click
3 Auto-generated new invoice No.
4 Auto Date Change to Current day Date
5 Auto Detect type of Sale (Interstate or Intrastate) and charge correct Type of GST i.e. IGST or CGST/SGST
6 Auto-detect Rate of GST from the stock list.
7 Maintained the list of stock. So, you don’t need to add stock items again and again while generating an invoice
8 Maintained the list of Customers. Select from the list and generate the invoice
9 Upload Your Logo 
10 Add different shipping address
11 Add E-way bill details
12 Auto-generate Summary for all sale
13 Save of Invoice as PDF in folders
14 Generate Three Copies of Invoice
-Customer Copy
-Supplier Copy
-Transported Copy
15 Auto Round off the total amount
16 Show all amount in rupee and paise with one click 
17 Show all amount only in rupee with one click 
18 Auto-generated total invoice amount in words
19 Add up to 10 Terms and conditions
20 You can add your bank details
21 Colorful invoice format 
22 You can generate an invoice for up to 25 items
23 GST amount is shown Item wise with the rate of percentage
24 You can be allowed Trade discount to you Customers charge in simple percentage and amount will auto calculate
25 You can add Contact person Details i.e Name, Email, and Mobile No. in the customer list database
26 You can add the amount of freight paid

2. How to operate it

1. Download and Extract it

First, you have to download it from the link below and Extract it with the help of WinRAR (Click Here to Download) software then you get a folder: –

Download GST Offline Invoice Creator 2.0 by

GST Invoice Format

GST Invoice Format - 2

2. Enter Your Organisation details:

Now you have to open the Excel sheet from this folder and enable all the micro or options whatever asked by Microsoft Excel then enter the details asked in the sheet Named: Organisation Details. This information will be asked only one time by software.

3. Add Inventories:

Now, you have to create your stock list for easy pop-up items at the time when you will creating/generating an Invoice. You can also add any stock item at the time of creating/generating an Invoice.

Click on the Button Add New Item then there will pop up a form fill this form and click on Button Add New Item is shown on the form. As shown in the image below.

GST Invoice format

4. Add some Customers:

Now, you have to create your Customer list for easy and speedy invoice generation. You can also add New Customer at the time of creating/generating an Invoice.

Click on the Button Add Customer then there will pop up a form fill this form and click on Button Add New Customer to Database is shown on the form. As shown in the image below.

GST Invoice format

5. Create Invoice:

Now, Goto sheet Create Invoice and select customer with the help of two options explained as the below:

Create Invoice - GST Invoice Format
Create Invoice – GST Invoice Format

1. Search Customer:

 If you have already added the customer in the database then select it with the help of search customer and insert it into an invoice. and with the help of the second option, You will redirect to Form of Add new Customer.

Select Customer - GST Invoice Format
Select Customer – GST Invoice Format

2. Add Customer:

This option is the same as the option explained on the Customer Page.

3. Add Shipping Adress:

Then enter the shipping address if different from the billing address.

Then decide your invoice No. format only One time then it will automatically get increment to next no.

like: if you decide 10001 then, when you save the invoice it will automatically change to 10002. Special characters (|\/[email protected]#$%^&*()) are not allowed in Invoice.

then Today’s date will show automatic but you can change the date of the invoice if you want to but you can only change the date up to the date of your last invoice.

4. Select items:

Now, select the items to be billed. The process is the same as the selection of the customer. Here is also available two option for search from old items and add new items if needed.

Now, Select Quantity and Discount(if applicable) only for each selected item then click on Save & view Invoice.

You will get all three saved copies of invoices and print them if needed. 

6. In the last Sheet:

You will get all your sale of the Day, Month, Quarter, Semester, and Year by the applying filter on it for your GST Returns. 

GST Invoice format

Thanks for reading the topic of GST Invoice Format, please comment with your feedback whatever you want Or If you have any questions please ask us by commenting.

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