COUNTIF Excel Function – Download 2 Practice Sheets

COUNTIF Excel Function - Download Practice Sheet
COUNTIF Excel Function - Download Practice Sheet

Excel COUNTIF Function: –

The Excel COUNTIF Function is used where we need to count the numbers of repeated values on single criteria. It can count the value of the cells based on a condition of any Text, number, and logical text. It is also working on matching concepts like VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP but with a condition.

The feature of the “COUNTIF” function: –

  • With the help of the COUNTIF Function, we can retrieve the data if the condition is matched with the selected cells.
  • It helps in applying a particular condition to the data.

The logical operator: –

For the “COUNTIF” function we can also use follow logical test on the selected data other than the Text and Number.

Logical Test Meaning 
=Equal to
<>Not Equal to 
>Greater than 
>=Greater than and Equal to 
<Less than
<=Less than and equal to

Explanation of Function:-

Now, We will explain the Arguments of the Function.

=COUNTIF (range, criteria)

range: – it is that column or row or both of selected cells on which we want to apply the condition or criteria.

criteria: –  This is a condition which we have to apply to the selected cells.

Example of Function: – 

I will show you, how to apply the whole function. (using optional also).

From the following table get the item-wise value of the total sale amount.



We will Apply the COUNTIF function and get the result. This is shown in the following steps: –

Step No. 1:-

We will write the “=COUNTIF( ” in the column of the result.


Step No. 2

Now select the cells on which you want to apply the Condition or criteria.


Step No. 3

Now select the Condition or criteria which you want to apply.


Step No. 4: –

Now, Press enter and get the result: –



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